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Интеллектуальные агенты и мультиагентные системы (Intelligent agents and multi-agent systems)

Авторы: Турыгина В.Ф.
Статус: Авторская редакция
Разработан в рамках: ППК-13
Подтип: сетевой курс
Создан: 07.02.2015
Документы: Соглашение об использовании произведения


Multi-agent systems are a new paradigm for nderstanding and building distributed systems, where it is assumed that the computational components are autonomous: able to control their own behavior in the furtherance of their own goals.
Multi-agent systems have emerged as one of the most important areas of research and development in information technology. A multi-agent system is one composed of multiple interacting software components known as agents, which are typically capable of cooperating to solve problems that are beyond the abilities of any individual member. Multi-agent systems are important primarily because they have been found to have very wide applicability, in areas as diverse as industrial process control and electronic commerce. This course provides the basic theoretical knowledge about intelligent agents and multi-agent systems.
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