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Метаданные ресурса №12698

Buying technics (Технологии закупок)

Авторы: Якимова Е.А.
Статус: Авторская редакция
Разработан в рамках: ППК-14
Подтип: электронный учебно-методический комплекс
Создан: 23.04.2015


«Buying techniques» as a discipline, along with other disciplines forms the basis of theoretical and practical training of graduates.
The basis for the study of discipline «Supply Chain Management» is the knowledge acquired by students in the study of courses: international logistics, risk management, research methods in management.
In turn, the discipline provides the knowledge necessary for the study of subjects – the process of procurement and supply chain management. The resulting knowledge of the discipline used when writing the master's final qualifying work and subsequent practical activities of the graduate.
The transition to a market economy determines the role and growing importance of procurement logistics in social production. Market conditions have brought about some significant changes in the field of logistics of production.
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