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Innovation in cultural tourism (Инновации в культурно-познавательном туризме)

Авторы: Чилова Е.П.
Статус: Авторская редакция
Тип: УМК
Создан: 03.12.2014
Документы: Соглашение об использовании произведения


Cultural tourism can briefly be defined as tourism based on local and regional cultural resources. These include cultural traditions, language, history, cultural landscapes, built environment, archaeological sites, museums and cultural activities such as festivals, galleries, arts attractions, theatres but also attractions related to primary production, crafts, manufacturing, social history and life.
Cultural tourism is related to human activities and history in a broad sense
Intangible Cultural Heritage is embodied in those practices, expressions, knowledge, and skills, as well as in associated objects and cultural spaces, that communities and individuals recognize as part of their cultural heritage. Transmitted through generations and constantly recreated, it provides humanity with a sense of identity and continuity.
This global wealth of traditions has become one of the principal motivations for travel, with tourists seeking to engage with new cultures and experience
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